Favorite YouTuber of the Month | August 2017

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It's been an amazing month for Jenn Im, a fashion and beauty blogger on YouTube going by the name clothesencounters. With her fashion line, Eggie, being just released on August 22nd, I thought back to when I first discovered her and fell in love with this beauty.

I started watching Jenn Im a few months after I graduated from high school in 2012. I can't believe it's been 5 years! I'm getting old. Anyway, I was in a weird headspace, I was going to community college at the time, and I was trying to figure out if I wanted to stay there (to get my Associate's) or try and transfer to a university. I had seen her face on YouTube before but didn't watch her videos until the beginning of 2013. What I found out was that Jenn also went to community college and then decided to transfer to a university too. It's kind of crazy that she has her degree in Communications and I'll be getting my degree in Media and Communication Studies in December, which wasn't what I planned at all lol. I guess I was looking for a new content creator that added fashion into the mix and didn't think I would relate to her at all.

This was the first video I ever watched of Jenn Im aka clothesencounters

It's been 4-5 years of watching this young woman become someone I truly admire and aspire to be. There were times that I didn't watch her videos but stayed subscribed because I knew she made amazing content. Then when I started watching Jenn again, I knew it would be crazy not to continue watching her videos. She has a ton of content from monthly favorites, What Would Jenn Wear? (WWJW?), beauty looks and collabs with other YouTubers, and let's not forget vlogs. Her vlogs make me love her even more, well probably because she's always out and about and picking the best restaurants (I simply can't wait to visit those places one day). Jenn gives a little peek into her world, hanging out with her friends, fiance´ Ben and her/their dog Cheeki (they're so cute!). Now that she's launched her clothing line, I couldn't be prouder. As a plus-size girl on the bigger side, I don't think I'll be able to fit her items but they still look immaculate. It's been a long time coming and maybe one day she'll expand sizes, and if not, I'm still going to support her no matter what. If you want, check out the videos below for more information about the clothing line.

Jenn's Fall Lookbook for the clothing line. Definitely an interesting direction cinematic wise and the collection itself, in my opinion, shows her aesthetic a lot since she likes a mixture of things.

This is a vlog about what happened during her launch lunch party for the clothing line. She has another vlog that includes peeks at some of the pieces before the launch.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Eggie