Favorite YouTubers of the Month | Fall 2017

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I know this is looooooong overdue, but I wanted to still share my favorite YouTubers that I had toward the end of last year. Enjoy!


For September, I watched and subscribed to two YouTubers. The first one being Kim Thai. I was first acquainted with her on one of MissRemiAshten's vlogs (on her vlog channel RemLife), but I never looked for her videos. Until she came up in my recommendations on YouTube and I've been watching her ever since. She's really down to earth, has fun with her friends and boyfriend. The video I chose was I think the third one I watched her and then I knew I had to subscribe. Kim just launched a second pair of lashes called Audacious (I bought a pair) with Cake Face Beauty.

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At the same time of watching Kim, Jackie Aina's videos kept showing up in my recommendations. I had watched her videos from time to time without subscribing. She's the OG of makeup videos on YouTube and she's the most honest which makes me mad why I didn't subscribe sooner. The video I chose was Jackie explaining how to find the right nude while fighting stupid stereotypes as dark skin woman. She just won an NAACP award, the first in its category for YouTuber/Social Influencer of the Year. Jackie launched her second highlighter with Artist Couture called La Peach (her first one is called La Bronze...saving up for both). She also just reached 2 million subscribers on YouTube.


Having more than one username for her social media, Annabelle aka CatCreature (on YouTube) is an art student who happened to pop up in my recommendations...seeing a trend here? I actually started watching her, I believe in 2016. However, the video I chose was my favorite vlog of her so far. Annabelle is nominated for a Shorty Award this year.


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I love Dashie...he's Gemini, I'm a Gemini...we just click (his videos I mean). I started watching him at the end of 2015 and was automatically hooked with his vulgar playing and sense of humor. The video I chose was the first gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey (it leads to a playlist), which I was extremely excited about, even though I don't own a Nintendo Switch. Dashie is also nominated for a Shorty Award this year.

Hope you guys enjoy this Fall 2017 edition of "My Favorite YouTuber of the Month". If you haven't check it out already, I did one for August 2017 Stay tuned for my mid-winter edition coming soon!

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