American Vandal | A Netflix Series Review

american vandal.jpg

In my downtime between Christmas and New Year's, I was sick and stuck in the house. I remember during the semester that a "mockumentary" on Netflix had just premiered in September. Since I had a ton of time on my hands, I decided to give the show a shot...(*CONTAINS PARTIAL SPOILER ALERTS*)

When I looked at the trailer for American Vandal on Facebook, I knew that this would be a show that I could enjoy and simply laugh at. Premiering during the school semester, I decided to put off the TV series, like I do with every other show, lying to myself that I'll watch it later. In all honesty, most of the shows that I watch or used to watch are put on the back burner either because I become too busy and lose track of the episodes or I simply give up on the show's plot.

When it comes to Netflix, it's hard not to binge watch shows, even when my friends tell me not to, I still do (I mean come on, it's Netflix lol). However, this show didn't give me binger-withdrawal and I can't wait to see what they do for the next season, and here's why...

American Vandal isn't an hour long, which isn't unusual, but there aren't many shows on Netflix (that I'm aware of) that run about ~30 minutes long (like Grace and Frankie). This also was a show that involved teens that I didn't get sick of watching either. Are there any shows that you've watched where you're constantly yelling at the TV because someone's child or (teen) friend did something so dumb (and it ruined some kind of plan), that you wish the writers would've never put them in the show to begin with? No, just me? Meh okay...

Anyway, the show is about a senior named Dylan Maxwell, who's a huge prankster that gets accused of spray painting obscene images on 27 cars in the faculty parking lot. One sophomore (Peter) and his friend, who are on the news team at the school, decide to make a documentary to find out the truth and to see if Dylan was really behind the incident.

The show takes viewers on a small but wild goose chase to see who the culprit/culprits were and just when viewers figured out who did it, they'll be second-guessing everything to make sure all the dots have been connected. I literally was on the edge of my seat the whole time, screaming at my phone because the plot kept getting juicer and juicer by the second. At multiple moments it seemed like Dylan spray painted the teachers' cars, he does do something at the very end of the show, but he didn't commit the faculty incident. I'm not going to tell you it was but I will say that in a sense it was definitely more than one person. Maybe you'll figure it out halfway through the show...maybe you won't. *shrugs*

I won't be giving a rating for this show because it's based on taste, so if you like crude and crass humor, then this show is for you. Check out the trailer before to get a sneak peek at the plot of the show.