Sense8 Review (A Netflix Original)

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Hey guys,

So I wanted to write another review, this time a TV show on Netflix called Sense8. When I was looking at the trailer for this, I automatically said: “I need to see this!” because of how interesting and diverse it looked. So as soon as it was ready to stream on Netflix, I jumped at the chance. As I started the show, within the first 5-10 minutes, I was so confused. It was so fast-paced that my brain couldn’t wrap around the concept, which wasn’t actually a bad thing. 

I don’t want to give away too much because I feel like everyone needs to experience this show from their own perspective and not through me (that’ll just ruin it). So the concept of the show is that there are 8 people in 8 different cities that are all interconnected, and I don’t mean by the 6th degree of separation. What I mean by “interconnected” is that their brains and possibly their souls are connected to one another. The people all come from different backgrounds and cities, from being a cop in Chicago and an LGBT hacker in San Francisco to a VP of their parent’s company in Seoul and a DJ in London/Iceland (I’m not exactly sure of the city). These 8 people have all different strengths that can help each other where one or more might lack, and I find that very beautiful. They can share their experience either through their eyes/perspective with one another, call for help, or just “share” it; kinda like sharing on social media but with a humane 4D twist/experience. I describe this show as a cross between “Heroes,” “The Matrix,” (more or less) and “Jumper.”  And of course when something is different or out of place in the human species, someone wants to either study it and use the information to benefit themselves or the world or destroy what they might consider being an “abomination” (come on, there’s gotta one or more bad guys in a show nowadays). 

I’m giving you a fair warning that you will be in your feelings when you watch this 1st season, and I don’t mean crying, I mean yelling and screaming at your TV whether you want the people to kick the bad guys’ butts or for them to run away from danger. I can tell you that I fairly enjoyed this show, I binged watched the first 7 episodes and then waited a week or so to finish it because I didn’t want it to end. Plus I found out my grandma was watching it, so I watched a few episodes again with her and she loved it. She’s such a serious critic on shows, she knows what’s good and what’s not (you can definitely trust her judgment if not mine). And I’m also getting my boyfriend to watch it because I know he’s gonna love it.

I give this a rating of….(drum roll please)….

Rating: 5/5 stars

The trailer gives you a small/basic synopsis of the show. I hope you will be able to enjoy this show as much as I did. Experience their lives in one sitting for one season.