AHS: Hotel Ep. 2 Recap

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Hey guys, I wanted to give y'all some time to catch up on AHS: Hotel and it's only been 3 episodes. The fourth episode will air tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 10 pm. I won't be watching it on airing night, just because I'm scared lol and that I watch Chicago P.D. on NBC (also a good show) at the same time. I'm going to try and stay away from all social media tomorrow because people like to spoil things, so I just wanted to recap on a few things before the new episode.

Let's start the episode breakdown, shall we? If you haven't watched the episodes...this is your own fault

Episode 2:

Now we know in the first episode, that The Countess (Lady Gaga) is with Donovan (Matt Bomer) and they have these weird children running around the hotel, and they're vampires. They don't have fangs or they don't show them, so they use knives or pointed claw gloves.

A man named Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson), who has a son named Lachlan (Lyric Lennon) takes an interest in the hotel and wants to buy it from The Countess. At the beginning of the episode, Drake has a fashion runway show in the lobby which introduces Claudia Bankson (Naomi Campbell), who has mutual contacts in the fashion industry like Drake, and Tristan Duffy, an obnoxious and drug-addicted model that eventually The Countess takes interests in. She decides to become intimate with Duffy and turns him into a vampire, which creates tension with Donovan, Duffy and The Countess.

During the fashion show, Lachlan showed Det. John Lowe's (Wes Bentley) daughter Scarlett the pool room, wherein the empty pool lies three small coffins with the children inside of them. Later, Scarlett comes back to the hotel by herself and goes back to the pool room and sees that the coffins are open and sees a secret door open that leads to a secret room for the children. Scarlett sees her younger brother Holden (Lennon Henry), who went misses a few years before, and tries to have a conversation with him about their parents. She decides to take a picture with him, and has Holden leans over to probably bite her, Scarlett freaks out and runs out of the hotel and goes back home. When she arrives at home, she finds that her dad and her mom, Dr. Alex (Chloe Sevigny) had called the police to find her out of fear of losing another child. Scarlett tells them that she went to the hotel and found Holden, but they didn't believe her. Even though Det. Lowe has been seeing Holden running around the hotel when he wakes up in the middle of the night. And because his "hallucinations" keep reoccurring, Det. Lowe talks to Iris (Kathy Bates), who is Donovan's mother and Liz Taylor (Dennis O'Hare) about the hotel and its history.

Iris tells Det. Lowe about the first owner of the hotel, James Patrick March (Evan Peters) and how March was a serial killer. No matter, who came to the hotel, they would end up dying, whether they were women he would seduce or his male workers. March was ruthless and the rooms of the hotel reflect his personality. He did have a wife but they only mention her once, but his most loyal companion was the laundress, Miss Evers (Mare Winningham) who would clean everything for him. Eventually, March was found out, possibly by his wife, and was facing arrest but he killed Miss Evers and then himself so he wouldn't get caught. As Iris finishes the story, Det. Lowe finds the whole tale preposterous and doesn't believe a word of it, which she and Liz warn him about the hotel.

The episode ends with Donovan confronting The Countess about Duffy and professes his love to her, but she doesn't return the favor and seems very emotionally detached. Ironically, she had told Duffy "never to fall in love" earlier in the show...

Well, there's the recap for Ep. 2 of AHS: Hotel, up next is Ep. 3 so make sure you watch out for that! But that's it for now...