Spring Break Was Two Weeks Ago...Now What?

Hey guys,

t's been over a month since my last post...It's been rough lately. My spring break was about two weeks ago and after working out about three days a week, I've been extremely exhausted physically. Now, I'm back at school and I'm getting exhausted mentally. I have so many assignments due it's ridiculous, even when I mentioned them to professors and my fellow classmates. I'm trying to graduate from my university in December and I'm so close. I registered for my last semester just the other day (woohoo!). I can feel my anxiety rising lol. I'll just break down what classes I'm taking and what assignments were due within the last week or so and what's due in the future.

  • Studies in Asian American Culture-had a quiz last week, had a midterm on Wednesday and I just went to a lecture for an essay (that's not due until May) last night. Group assignments coming up next week with a presentation at the end of the semester.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset-had a team presentation last week, had a paper due Monday, a presentation for the paper in about a week or so and a team term paper by the end of the semester.
  • Social Media-had a social media portfolio and a reflection due last week, had a reflection due yesterday and an assignment due next week. Eventually, I'll have more reflections in about a week or so due, as well as a group social media marketing plan.
  • Hinduism-didn't have anything due (thank God/the universe). Pretty sure I have exam coming up soon after this second section of notes.
  • Gender, Race, and Media-had an annotated bibliography due last week, a research paper due next week (not too happy about that). Reading responses need to be done soon, as well as another annotated bib and research paper due in May. Oh let's not forget the f*cking final in the third or so week of May (can you hint at my sarcasm).

As you can see, with all these assignments due, it's hard to keep my head on straight but I'm trying my best...not to snap at my professors for being inconsiderate but *sigh* everything is going to be OK (there's a strained smile on my face).

Good news, I'm off of work because the school I work for is on their spring break. I also got an interview for a magazine on Tuesday. Not going to say which one yet but I'll keep you guys updated.

Until next time,
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Nicole Eggleston