So I Caved...

So hey guys...I eventually caved and bought a fidget spinner...

I've never been diagnosed with ADHD but even before social media was a thing and a study came out showing that society has the attention span of a goldfish, I've never been able to stay focus. My thought process used to be so bad. If someone was talking to me or I end up listening in on another conversation and hear one word, it would trigger memories. These memories could be anything from books that I've read, movies or TV shows that I've watched, familiar smells or locations, etc. I would always feel bad for never properly "listening" to whomever I was talking to. 

So when a student of mine at my job had a fidget spinner, I immediately wanted one. And not just any basic one but a Batman one. Unfortunately, that's not the one I bought but I'll probably get it soon. I wanted to test it out to see if it works. So far it keeps my mind and hands occupied. Yes, I move my hands a lot, especially when I'm anxious...or even when I'm calm and watching YouTube. I tried it a few different ways, like talking to a friend, or while watching a video, or while completing an assignment. At first, I was only focused on spinning the fidget spinner, not watching my favorite YouTuber. After about a day or so, I can do both. However, I don't suggest doing it while trying to do an assignment because one, you may need to write or type and two, it only slightly gets you to focus on the task at hand. I definitely, in NO WAY POSSIBLE, suggest that you spin it while driving. It's the most dangerous thing you can do. I've never done it, but when Buzzfeed was reviewing these things, the main guy of the video was just casually "spinning while driving" and that just seemed stupid... Anyway, happy spinning.

Until next time,
~Nicki <3

Nicole Eggleston