Johnny Quest Was Racist? Doctor Strange Was Trippy AF

On Thursday, I went to my Gender, Race and Media class to discuss the readings that were assigned. I hardly do the readings because I'm lazy and hate how the textbook is set up but I digress. As we were discussing about Barbie and how her friends were never correctly represented culturally, we got on the top of Disney movies like Frozen compared to Moana, Mulan, Princess & the Frog, etc. My professor decided to let us view an episode of Johnny Quest, which was one of my favorite shows has a kid but when I saw it, it was a part of a revamped version during the Boomerang time slot on the weekends on Cartoon Network. The episode we saw was from 1964, and apparently Johnny's dad got kidnapped by "savages" and the Uncle had to save him by pretending to be a "water god" and gave little Johnny a rifle (who does that?!). A lot of my classmates and I thought that the episode was extremely outrageous (the dad and his colleague could escape at any time and were cool and calm while spears got thrown at them) and some even asked if this was a serious perception back then. We couldn't watch the whole episode (due to buffering issues) but it was interesting to see the look on people's faces since they've never seen Johnny Quest in there entire life. That day was probably the best lecture class so far, in my opinion of course...

Today, I watched Doctor Strange with my mom. We love comic book movies (as I've stated before on my Suicide Squad review), so of course we had to watch this one. I'm not going to give a full review on it. I thought the movie was pretty cool, a little boring/dry sometimes but other than that it was fine. However, I thought the special effects were trippy af! I looked at some of the scenes as a bad trip if you were on drugs, which my mom questioned the hell out of me (it was just a joke). A lot of it reminded me of Inception..another trippy movie lol. The only thing I kept wondering was how Doctor Strange was going to tie in all the Avengers movies that were coming out in the next few years by the end of the movie. The best is yet to come..I guess *shrugs*

Until next time,

Nicole Eggleston