I Passed All My Classes...Whaaaat?!

So the last time I talked about my classes, I was freaking out and stressed beyond belief. Well...

As the grades were slowly coming in, I kept saying that even if I didn't get all A's, everything would be ok. My friends thought I was crazy for pushing myself so hard but I had to redeem myself from last fall. In fall 2016, I had one of the worse GPAs since my freshmen/sophomore year in high school and that's because the first high school I went to had a weird grading system. I was so down on myself last fall that I knew I needed to work hard. Even though it always seems like my spring semesters are the easiest, this one felt like the most work...And yea I get it, I'm about to graduate so here comes Mt. Fuji of assignments. My ultimate goal for graduation since it'll be in December for me, is to graduate with honors. I don't know if I can do it, but I certainly will try.

Until next time,
~Nicki <3

Nicole Eggleston