Weight Loss | Update #1

Taken on February 3, 2017

Taken on February 3, 2017

Taken on April 7, 2018

Taken on April 7, 2018

I just wanted to share how my weight loss has been going since the last time I posted about it in January. I'll be doing this periodically to explain where I am when it comes to my caloric intake and my overall feelings during this whole process since losing weight is a roller coaster process. There are days and weeks when I feel great and other times where I feel like everything's going wrong. Eventually, I will try to provide pictures and measurements. This is kind of just a way for me to keep a record and remind myself of how far I've come.


On January 13, I weighed 275.8 lbs.

My weight on March 24, I weighed at 270.8, which is a total of 5 lbs lost. My lowest weigh in so far happened on April 7, it was 268.4 which finally made it a total of 40 lbs lost. However, my most recent weigh in was 270.8 on May 5, I've slightly gone backwards.

There have been some weird weeks where my weight was the same or would increase/decrease slightly. I do get my cycle every month so a week before I come on, most of the time my weight is at it's lowest. Once my cycle hits, my weight increases due to the water intake in my body and then during the following weeks when I'm off my cycle my weight slowly decreases. Not only do I keep a record of my weigh-ins but I also label the ones when I'm on my cycle to make sure I know accurately that I can "dismiss" those ones.

Calorie Intake | Paying Attention to Macros

So in January, I was eating 1500 calories a day. Now, I'm down to 1475 calories a day, it may not seem like a lot to decrease but there some slight adjustments that I had to make. I believe at the end of January/beginning of February, I had to start paying attention to my macros. So my nutritionist decided to put a number goal on my protein which was about 80 g of protein every day. Then we changed it to have two different numbers for protein, for the workout and non-workout days. When we wanted to add a carbohydrate cap since that was the macro I was consuming the most, we decided to combine the two protein numbers and average them out. So I was supposed to eat 85 g of protein and 170 g of carbs per day. We added a water intake number like 2 cups a day and we decided to not worry about the intake of fat since there was so much on my plate. We've just adjusted the numbers again over the course of a couple of weeks so here's the breakdown


Calories: 1500

Protein: 80 g (starting), 80 g (changed to non-workout days), 100 g (changed to workout days)


Calories: 1500

Protein: 85 g

Carbs: 170 g (added on Feb. 14)

Water: 2 cups (added on Feb. 14)


Calories: 1475 (changed on Feb. 21)

Protein: 75 g (changed on Feb. 21)

Carbs: 160 g (changed on Feb. 21)

Water: 2.5 cups, 3.5 cups (changed on March 28)

April/Beginning of may

Calories: 1475

Protein: 75/85 g (changed on May 5)

Carbs: 160/150 g (changed on May 5)

Water: 3.5 cups