2018, It Came And It Went


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I can’t believe 2018 is over, this year has definitely been a challenging one.

I started off the year with trying to find a job after graduation to help start paying off my student loans. For some odd reason, I needed to find a new hobby to keep my mind occupied. I had chosen watercolor painting but I didn’t really do much with that. I, then, decided to apply for grad school and get a second job. While finally getting my acceptance email and working six out of seven days of the week, I was starting to get these stress migraines. I’ve had them before when I transferred from community college to my university about a couple of years ago, so I figured (and so did the urgent care doctor) that I needed some rest. Not only was I anxious about going to school again and starting this new part of my life, my mom and I decided to move to a new house during the semester…I’ve never been this stressed, 2018 is the winner for that one. It’s been a long time coming, it was my mom’s dream to finally own a house and I glad that came true for her this year. I’m so incredibly proud of her :)

As we end the year in a new environment, I’ve realized that I’m exhausted— mentally, emotionally and physically. Over the course of the semester, I tried to heal my spirit by doing some reading to ease my mind when things were at their worst. I was starting to gain insight on doing things in a holistic way and eventually, I had to take a break due to projects for school. I really hope I can get back to reading real soon… Anyway, I want 2019 to be my year of self reflection. I noticed that with everything going on this year, that I wasn’t really taking care of myself with all the running around I was doing. I had a few breakdowns this year, like things not going right or things not happening on time like I wanted them to, it was definitely hard to accept. I somehow feel like I lost a part of myself this year, and I need to find me again. I have longtime goals that I want to start working on, I don’t want them to be like forgotten/half assed resolutions that I used to make lol.

I want 2019 to be better, not just for me but for everyone as well…