This Could Be the Start of Something New...

Hi Loves, just wanted to write a little something since I promise to have this blog up and running again. I've just been extremely lazy since the semester ended and I've been taking naps almost every day, but excuses, excuses lol.

So some of you guys (on my personal FB) know that I'm on this vegetarian/ weight-loss journey. I started this on May 22nd (my gram's bday) along with my mom and my sis Shimyra, this is supposed to last for 30 days, but hopefully we'll continue it throughout the rest of the year (and on). It's definitely been really hard because usually when I start things like this, I don't stay committed. I'm human. Anyway, to even begin something like this, I did a ton of research. I looked into so many diets and looked at so many vegan/vegetarian videos for recipes but I know that since I'm the only one choosing to cut out meat by myself, that it would be a serious struggle.

This so called "diet" consists of:
no-white rice, bread, or pasta; no potatoes; no sweets (any type of dessert); no sodas, etc.
yes-brown rice, whole grain bread, and pasta, veggies, fruit, etc.

We tried to eliminate sugar and sweeteners out of our "diet" completely but they're in everything (like ketchup and juice), so we just try to find products that have the lowest grams of sugar. I've tried to limit myself of fried foods, and I've noticed that if I do have them on a cheat day that I can get really sick the day after. Also yes, we do have cheat days, like I said we're human lol. When I have cheat days, it's more for ice cream, I mean it's summertime and I want Rita's and Coldstone damnit! My mom loves fried chicken and Shimyra just eats whatever she wants without going overboard. Because of this "diet", I've been drinking a ton of water, more than ever and I really try to stay away from soda unless I'm at a restaurant that doesn't serve sweet tea or lemonade (on my cheat day). Also I haven't been eating vegetarian completely, some days I can limit my intake of meat during my meals but other days I'll eat meat once or twice a day. I have some pictures down below from when I started this to my most recent meal, just so you guys can have a look. I haven't taken a picture for every meal just because I forget lol.

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