Kicking Off to a Healthier Year

Hey guys, since it's still January, I figured to write a little post about starting the year on the right foot. And that's to being healthier not just about losing the pounds (which is a plus too).

I've learned that losing weight has been the wrong type of motivation for me, but trying to be healthier (meaning drinking more water and eating more fruits and veggies) no matter how many pounds I lose has been the way to go. Ever since 2013/2014, I've started to take things seriously and it hasn't been easy. I just love food, even when I'm not eating it (but maybe watching Food Network or actually cooking), it's something that we just can't live without. But I may have a few helpful hints/tips on what to do (or just mainly what I do).

  • Drink a ton of water-I usually don't like water but I have started drinking it more. I try not to drink sodas as often as I used to, like I've substituted tea with pepsi. I know it's not the best option other than water but sometimes I just can't take the "taste" of it. I went to get a Brita filter pitcher for the house (since my bf was telling me the water pitcher he had was great) and out of buying water bottles for years (my mom did) I've never drunk more water. It was a really great decision.
  • Eat smaller portions-I've noticed that my taste palette has definitely changed since a year or so ago and I know I'm starting to try new things and disregard the "bad stuff". I have really good days when I can eat smaller portions (sometimes with a few to several ounces of water before I eat) and my stomach fills up quicker. 
  • Pay attention to how you eat-There are other days when I'm extremely busy and haven't eaten but maybe 1-2 meals that day and my stomach still sends a signal to brain to let me know its full (even if it's half a salad), but I decide to eat the whole thing because I don't want to eat an extra serving (regardless of what it is) later on. I also have my bad days where I don't give a f**k and I want to eat everything in sight (due to whatever reason), but I don't regret it because I know that I'm not perfect and I'm constantly working on what works for me.
  • Learn different recipes-this is helpful when you want to stop eating fast/processed foods and want to eat different things. Remember to keep your mind open because cooking can be a very long process but it can be fun. Also try and veggies with every lunch and/or dinner. My mom started a food subscription and I cook mostly all the meals and have noticed that how much more I've been eating veggies (besides the more than frequent mcdonald's salads that I have).
  • Exercise-do this when you can, come up with a plan whether you want to work out at home and/or at the gym. If you miss one day of working out, it's not the end of the world. Just know that if you've missed weeks (like I have lol) you'll probably be weak after the workout but it'll probably keep you motivated to continue. If not, then just do the best you can.

So there are a few YouTubers that I'm subscribed to that focus on being healthy, whether it's about working out vlogs, recipes and/or tips in general and their videos will help you get through the good and bad days.

  • ObesetoBeast (Workout vlogs, personal stories, & advice)
  • Mind Over Munch (Recipes, Meal Prep, new Kickstart #Redefine Health series and weekly challenges--started already, on week #3)
  • Fit Men Cook (Recipes)
  • MattnKayleigh (Workout vlogs, personal stories/advice & Matt's a personal trainer)
  • The Domestic Geek (Recipes & Meal Prep)

Plus there a bunch of beauty/makeup gurus that talk about lifestyle (including plus size), here's just a small list:

  • Bethany Mota (Recipes/Positive Lifestyle advice)
  • Meredith Foster (Recipes/Workout routines & new 10 ways to be healthier in 2016 video)
  • TheClassyItGirl (Positive Lifestyle advice/10 books in one year challenge)
  • ThatGirlShaeXo (Weight loss playlist & Smoothie Recipes)
  • MsCreativeDiva (Weight loss updates & personal equipment advice)

I watch these videos when I lose focus during the weeks while I'm busy with other things and the stress becomes overwhelming.

My mom and I decided to try one of those subscription food boxes called Hello Fresh (just like Blue Apron and some of the other ones you may have heard). They give you options between having 3, 4, or 5 meals with meats and seafood or completely vegetarian for 2 people or 3 meals for 4 people (a family). It comes every week and they give you a huge box with all your essentials (each dish has a recipe) except for salt, pepper and olive oil (or any other oil that you have). I'll be giving a full review after we've receive more boxes in the upcoming weeks. They have all the information on their website as well as FAQs. You can pause any week as long as you reach a certain deadline, and you can cancel the subscription at any time too (no fee/hidden charge) because this can be expensive.