New Year, Same Ol' Me

Hey guys, it's been a long hiatus and a post is long overdue. I just wanted to write a little something before school starts for the spring.

So it's 2016 now and I've been thinking about a whole bunch of things lately of what I could've done in 2015. Now I'm wondering what directions I should go in for the remainder of this year. I wanted to start doing YouTube videos again, but I don't want it to be just me sitting in front of a camera looking dazed and confused with nothing substantial to say. I wanted to do a podcast and talk about real important topics and have chance to express my opinion and hear from others. I was hoping to get more information into plus size modeling, get healthier, become more studious, be a better person, etc etc. All plans that sound really good but none of them getting accomplished because I wasn't taking the time to do anything. I started at a new school, my classes were hard but I had goals that I wanted to start and possibly finish. I feel like I've been fighting with the habit of not completing anything (other than school) forever. I'm really tired and sick of it to be honest. So I said that this year would be different for me. Not in the sense where I have high expectations of doing things, but going more with the flow this time. Become more dedicated and even more driven but also find peace with my madness.

This is the year I choose for Self Love, meaning that I'll try to take the time to do things for myself first sometimes. I've learned that I always seemed to take on other people's problems along with my own like it's my obligation to save the world; and when I need to do something for myself, I'm completely stressed out. Well, I think that's gotta change. I want to have more time for myself, to find peace within me mentally and physically; and to be able to accept the things that I can't change (like people's actions). I can only worry about myself.

So for everyone who reads this I want to challenge you to do something different for yourself this year. Whether it's to find some self-love, maybe read a bunch of books, take a vocal lesson, exercise more, travel to some awesome places, etc. Be a little selfish and do something positive for yourself. You can only do more for yourself than anyone else.

Well, that's it, for now loves, until next time...