New Music From Selena, Demi, & More...

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Hey! I might be a little late to the party but who cares?

The week of July 10, both Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez released their new songs.
With "Bad Liar" going up the charts for Gomez, of course, she had to release "Fetish" ASAP. The singer released the song and video on July 13. Sometimes, I have a love-hate relationship with Gomez's songs (at first, I didn't like Bad Liar) but most of the time, I'm singing and dancing to them in my car. You can check out her "video" for "Fetish" (this was like a lyric video--> top right) And her actual video was uploaded on July 26 (a week after Lovato's).  There has been some critique on how she uses the word fetish since the lyrics don't match the true meaning but the video itself is like a fetish...Or at least that's what I got from an article on Billboard. You can read it here

I'm not sure if Delena is back in action but just before Selena Gomez released her song, Demi Lovato released her song on July 11 and the video on July 19. If you didn't already know, I'm a huge Demi fan...I've literally said this a bunch of times. However, I like the song but not that much. I think the video is cute (<--) but her high notes are a little troubling for me. I know a couple of years about she got her tonsils removed so that probably made her voice go up in range. I'm not the only one that feels this way. While scrolling through Facebook, Billboard and other sites were posting about her song and video. People commented, some say "their ears were bleeding" or that they were "going deaf." I'm excited for Lovato though, and I can't wait to hear more music.

Here's just a cute reminder of Delena!

Kesha also released some new music and videos. I'm so happy for her and I hope that she has been able to heal through some of her rough times.


I also want to take a chance to recognize the passing of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. He committed suicide and was found July 20. I hope that his family, friends, bandmates, and fans can get through this extremely sad time. I wasn't a huge fan of Linkin Park but I did listen to their songs whenever they played on the radio. While a lot of OG fans disliked some of their new stuff, I was actually digging it because it was more mainstream. However, I did think they had a cool and interesting take on their music. If anyone is going through depression or have had thoughts of suicide, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I hope that you can find people that you trust and seek professional help. Please, please, please know that even though it doesn't seem like anyone is in your corner or that you don't belong in this do, and people love you. <3

Photo Credit: TwitterComplex