Acceptances, Rejections, Undecided? Pt. 2

**This is a very old post from my first collab blog "Sistas Company". Please excuse all the old dates and just apply the information to now. Hope you guys enjoy!**

ey guys, it’s Nicki again. Here’s the second part of “Acceptances, Rejections, Undecided?” I’m continuing on the subject of what your next steps of attending a college/university will be.

) Have back-up plans. What I mean by this is when you applied to the schools you already had your list of colleges/universities from 1-5 or 1-10 and if you didn’t get into those top 2 schools on your list you would attend one of the other schools…so you technically already have a back-up plan. But what if you did get into your top 2 schools but they didn’t give you enough money? Well common sense would tell you to go with the schools that gave you the most reward but before you even finalize your decision look at all the school stats and even try and visit them one more time to see if they are a right fit. Also check school reviews online and I don’t mean to check out the reviews to see if your school has parties or not…you’re there to get an education, not to waste money on hanging out all night and failing exams (if that was hard for you to believe). Having these back-up plans gives you more options and will help you in the long run. For example, I was going to school for music, so if I didn’t get into the schools I wanted, I definitely had back-up schools and majors. I applied to Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island for culinary arts because when I was a kid I wanted to be a chef and have my own restaurant. I got accepted into the university but they didn’t give me enough money so if I decided to go that route I would just try and apply for a school more locally. Then I had community college as another back-up (this is actually the path I choose and I’ll explain why in the second part of this post) because my mom and aunt had done the same thing and agree with this process as a way to be introduce to college, plus during that time it was also free. Now our president is reintroducing the policy of 2 free years of community college but when I started attending it was definitely cheaper than some of the other colleges/universities I could’ve gone to.

So now we need to talk about rejections. I’m sorry that you had to receive that wretched letter and I know how heart breaking it can be. I actually cried about 2 of my rejections (one during high school and one just recently)…but hey you’re strong and you can handle anything. You may think that it’s easier said then done and I know it’s not but this is why you should try and talk to someone about this because they can give you options to move on. And sometimes not all rejections are straight up “NOs.” I received a letter from one of the universities that rejected me saying that if I took 14 or so credits at a junior (community) college or even another 4-yr college/university that I could reapply and be possibly admitted. But nothing’s a guarantee. In the decisions I have made in my life, I believe that going to a community college was a good choice. I felt at first that it was like a bigger high school, like 13th grade. Eventually, I grew at my school and knew what I could handle; and found the patience and balance for schoolwork, relationships, and just people in general. So I just wanna say to keep your head up because your life is not over and it’s only the beginning to something beautiful. And remember, “when one door closes, another one opens.”

Nicole Eggleston