Acceptances, Rejections, Undecided? Pt. 1

**This is a very old post from my first collab blog "Sistas Company". Please excuse all the old dates and just apply the information to now. Hope you guys enjoy!**

Hey guys, it’s Nicki.

Sorry I’m extremely late with making my post. There have been a lot of stuff going on with school and looking for work and the protests and riot that have been happening in Baltimore…(Yes, we’re from Baltimore…we love our city <3)
Anyway, I just wanted to talk about a few things regarding high school seniors and college transfer students. Congrats on making it this far! Some of you guys are graduating in less than a month, or maybe this summer or just decided to make a change in your life. So you’ve already received your letters, whether they’re acceptances or rejections, you might not have a clear idea what to do…or maybe you do. I’m gonna provide some advice for you, because when I went through this stage myself, I was a little fickle about some things.
So first off let’s start with ACCEPTANCES, CONGRATS on getting accepted into some great schools. They obviously see your potential and want you to be a part of their freshmen class! If you got accepted into your favorite college/university you should feel proud, but you may feel hesitant because maybe that school is very expensive and they didn’t give you enough money in scholarships to attend. I completely understand this feeling, during my senior year I got accepted into some pretty expensive schools, some locally and out-of-state. Fortunately, my mom and I discussed some things about finding scholarships on my own because she wouldn’t have the money to pay for it. But, if you have no family member to talk to because that could likely happen, you should try and talk to your adviser or your favorite teacher that you feel close to and maybe they can help you decide what to do. In high school, I had maybe about 3-4 teachers/advisers I could speak to on a daily basis and now I have about 2-3 teachers/advisers at my college. And they can possibly help aid you in making a decision. But if you really don’t have any idea on what to do, then you’ll probably just end up looking online at youtube vids and blogs, and this is where I come in to help. (Nicki to the rescue!)
So if the schools that accepted you are too expensive, you need to do 2 things, 
1) Look for scholarships and loans that’ll help you. Mainly look for scholarships, they’re soooooooo much easier because in the long run, you don’t have to pay them back after you graduate from college. The process for looking for scholarships may be long and hard though. There are millions of them out there and you have to figure out whether or not you fit the criteria for each of them. There are websites out there to help like
and many more these are the ones I found more helpful; there are also books that’ll break down what scholarships you should apply for in each department. The book I have right now is called “The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2015″ by Gen and Kelly Tanabe. This book is huge but it gives amazing tips and other websites to help you with a list of amazing scholarships, grants, and prizes for everyone. (Psst the Tanabes also give out scholarships as well.) A scholarship book comes out every year, so if you missed deadlines already or new scholarships emerge you’ll be able to prepare and apply early so you’ll get even more scholarships next year. Next thing is loans, which are kind of a much easier process of applying but from what I heard through my friends’ experiences the school’s financial aid office is the tricky part. You don’t want to wait until the last minute with filling out a loan application, just like you wouldn’t for a scholarship because your class scheduling might be in jeopardy. What I mean by this is that your classes could get dropped and then re-registering for classes would mess everything up for you. DEFINITELY APPLY EARLY, that way the fault won’t be on your part but on the financial aid office, but at the same time, it might still be a headache to deal with….

So far I hope this is helpful, stay tuned for pt. 2

Nicole Eggleston