Transitioning from HS to College Pt. 2 | Relationships: The Middle

**DISCLAIMER: this is just a background story of my relationship in HS/College, end to come later.**

So here it is guys, the second part of my relationship story…

By the end of Junior year, Alec had asked me to be his girlfriend. Like I’ve said before I didn’t know how to feel. I told him to give me a week to think things over, he completely understood which was good. I saw him during the school week, and he was trying to pull out all the “stops.” He wouldn’t stop smiling when he saw me, hugged me all the time, even voted for my favorite couple on Dancing with the Stars (DWTS). When Friday had rolled around, I had agreed to be his girlfriend..but I didn’t tell him yet…I was going to wait till after school. The lunch bell rang and I headed to the cafeteria, but the table where my friends and I sat at wasn’t there. I was barely eating at the time (that’s a whole other story) so I headed out to the quad. It was bright as hell outside and I could barely see a thing, but as I looked over to my left, I saw someone coming my way and had waved. Of course, I waved back because I already knew who it was but I wasn’t too sure. It was my crush, he skipped his gym class just to come see me during my lunch period; which in my opinion was the sweetest thing…still is. We walked over to a bench in the shade and I told him yes to being his girlfriend.

After that, the rest was history. I was going through a bad phase in my life which made my summer a little sour; and it kind of but a strain on my new relationship. That all stopped when we went back to school for Senior year. He would walk to my house every day and we would catch the bus together and walk me home as well. Even when I had choir practice in the evening. There were times that having a boyfriend during Senior year was hard but it wasn’t too bad. I always did my work, and I would always give 100% to my relationship. But there were times he would act like a butt and that I wouldn’t want to deal with the drama. In the end, we stuck it out and graduated from high school. Time for the real world.

My boyfriend…I loved him so much..but by the end of my first semester of college, we broke up. Yeah, I was really hurt by it but for some reason I knew it was coming. We were having problems like with communication and we wouldn’t really see each other at all. I know we were busy going to different schools but we lived 5 minutes away from each other. *sigh* Single life here I come….

Thanks for reading everyone! Check out the pt. 3 of this post (coming very soon) called Relationships: The End?

Nicole Eggleston