Transitioning from HS to College Pt. 3 | Relationships: The End?

**DISCLAIMER: this is just a background story of my relationship in HS/College, end to come later.**

Here it is guys, we’ve come to the end of my relationship story…sort of…

Yup I was single again. I really didn’t like this feeling. Being with someone for about a year and some months was familiar, and now that my baby wouldn’t be there anymore…it just felt so foreign. I really thought I was in love, I knew I loved my boyfriend; but the way things ended, it seemed like he didn’t feel the same way. Now I didn’t cry when the split happened, I was just numb..We were still talking, because we were best friends but there was a void..I knew it, he knew it, we never talked about our issues as the months went by.

Months had past, I had eventually stopped talking to him..I had occupied my time with school and friends and just tried to have fun. In the beginning, whenever I came home, I was alone with my thoughts and I missed him. After a few weeks, you get used to the feeling and you learn to cope. The end of a relationship is like dealing with a death, in a way. You have grieving, denial and moving on periods; and I definitely went through all of that. One night, Alec, my “ex” (I can never really call him that) called me to tell me he got his license, and I guess by how I responded that he knew I didn’t want to really talk to him. He then offered to take me out for my birthday since it was in a few weeks and I reluctantly agreed. After we hung out for my birthday, we were talking to each other again, but by the time the Fall 2013 semester was starting, we weren’t talking..*sigh*

Well I didn’t even let it bother me, a new semester just meant I was closer to finishing my program and getting my degree. Then I met someone, Darren*. He was nice and funny and cool..but it didn’t last long and we just remained friends. We flirted a lot and we just had a ball around each other. I was finally having fun again and just being happy. But then all of a sudden I get a text from Alec. Well ain’t this a b–…

*Name was changed for the story.

Thanks for reading everyone! Can’t wait to write the next part for you guys. Check out pt. 4 of this post (coming soon) Relationships: The End?

Nicole Eggleston