8 Movies I Watched Growing Up...

I haven't done a movie review in awhile, but I'm going to do it a little differently this time...So in no particular order, I'm going to show you my 8 favorite movies that I watched growing up. Also if you've never seen these movies (and you should watch them), I've added little synopses.

a cinderella story.jpg

A Cinderella Story
When renting movies was still a thing, my mother and I decided to watch this movie. After seeing it the first time I was in love. I wasn't a huge fan of the Lizzie McQuire TV show, but I did love the Lizzie McQuire movie. I also didn't watch One Tree Hill either, but I loved me some Chad Michael Murray.

With Hilary Duff, Chad, Regina King, and among many others, what's not to love about this movie? The plot was about girl named Sam (Duff) who needs to figure out how to speak up to others who mistreat her. Unfortunately, the one person that she thought she could confide in turns out to be a super popular guy (Murray). We eventually bought this on DVD and would watch it over and over.

maid in manhattan.jpg

Maid in Manhattan
I happened to watch this movie recently and it brought all the feels back that I had when I was a kid. My mom and I would watched this non-stop. We taped this on our VCR, my mom would watch this to fall asleep. So when we bought the DVD, all I could hear in the middle of the night was the menu song over and over again which was the same song played constantly in the movie. Anytime that I hear a Norah Jones song, I automatically will think of this movie. I pretty much know the whole soundtrack back and forth.

This is a rags-to-riches kind of story but it's still pretty realistic. Jennifer Lopez plays a single mother named Marissa who works at a quality hotel as a maid. One day she's messing around with her friend and is mistaken for a lady who's currently staying in the hotel. Her son, Ty, who is played by Tyler Posey (from MTV's Teen Wolf) is absolutely the cutest thing ever. Also Ralph Fiennes aka Lord Voldemort plays Lopez's love interest.


Last Holiday
This has to be my ULTIMATE ALL-TIME favorite. Whenever this movie comes on TV, I have to watch it. I don't know if you see a theme here, but yup my mom and I rented this movie as well. And now that it's on Netflix (hopefully it's still on there) ma boyz...I watch this all the time. When I need a pick me up, I watch this movie. I know a lot of my friends grew up on Queen Latifah's part in Set It Off, but I grew up on the portrayal of Georgia. Just like how I grew up on Khadijah from Living Single.

Last Holiday is just a feel good movie and it has LL Cool J in it too. It's about how Georgia works day in and day out at a Macy's-like store and she wants something different in her life. One day, she hits her head and is diagnosed with a terminally-ill disease. She then decides that she wants to live life to the fullest. Other Queen Latifah movies to check out are Bringing Down the House with Steve Martin and Just Wright with Common.

princess diaries 2.jpg

Princess Diaries 2
I actually love the sequel to the Princess Diaries better than the first one. I felt like Anne Hathaway grew so much as an actress. This was also the first time I saw Chris Pine and immediately fell in love. I will always remember him as Sir Nicholas. I have the DVD for this one as well. I also know most if not all the songs on the soundtrack. This also includes the fake country's anthem. ANYWAY (because I'm rambling)! 

In the sequel, Mia's trying to navigate life in Genovia before she takes over as queen from her grandmother. Oh there's one catch though...she has to get married! You see her trying to find love and love actually finding her in the blink of an eye. It's a super cute movie. Oh and did I mention there's a duet with Julie Andrews and Raven-Symone? It's the best! <3

miracle on 34th street.jpg

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
This remake came out the same year I was born and I've been watching it ever since. My mom absolutely loves this version, and we've seen both. She taped this on the VCR and was upset when she almost recorded over it. And it's literally still sitting on my DVR from when I recorded years ago. Mara Wilson (who also played Matilda) does such an amazing job in the movie. I was actually sad when I heard that she stopped acting. 

The movie is about a little girl who wants to believe in Santa Clause but because of her mother cynicism from old relationships and experiences, she doesn't want her daughter to believe in "hopes" and "dreams". Elizabeth Perkins plays Wilson's mother and Dylan McDermott (with those beautiful eyes) plays their neighbor who has a thing for Perkins' character. The late Richard Attenborough (from Jurassic Park) plays Kris Kringle aka Santa Clause. Another great Christmas movie to watch is It's a Wonderful Life. Black and white movie, a little long but it's definitely worth watching.


The Wedding Planner
Another JLo movie, however, this one came out a few years before Maid in Manhattan. And I thought Matthew McConaughey was so dreamy with his twang speech. For all you Grey's Anatomy fans, Justin Chambers aka Alex plays in here too as JLo's character Mary's childhood friend from Italy. His accent WAS NOT good.

The movie is about Mary, who is a wedding planner, and does a damn good job. One day, while she's on the phone, she almost gets ran over by a dumpster coming downhill at a very fast speed. Steve Edison aka Eddie (McConaughey) who just happens to be a doctor saves her but she hits her head. While Mary thinks that the doctor is hot, he's supposed to be getting married to her client. It's not a sleaze-fest, trust me. It's a really cute movie.

how to lose a guy in 10 days.jpg

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Another McConaughey movie and this time with Kate Hudson! So basically Kate Hudson works at a magazine like Cosmo and wants to write more serious articles. And Matthew McConaughey works at an advertising agency (or something like that). They run in the same circles. 

Anyway, they end up going to a special social event. Hudson's next writing piece is "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," given to her by her editor. So while at the party, she's trying to find a guy to experiment on. McConaughey's friends find out about her article (through rival ad agents) and uses it to make a bet (similar to the article) with him and they pick Hudson out in the crowd. He agrees and decides to go talk to her. This movie is definitely a funny one (especially in the pic above), but it's quite heartfelt. It may even give you warm fuzzies.

devil wears prada.jpg

Devil Wears Prada
Where do I begin? I fell in love with this movie from the trailer, from me going to see it in theaters (I think I did that), from watching it on TV, etc. With watching Project Runway and Living Single growing up, looking at this movie just made sense. This movie has given me the courage to try and pursue a career in Fashion (like social media or journalism). Besides the Princess Diaries' movies (woohoo for the 3rd one), I saw Anne Hathaway as a serious actress. I always known she had talent, but the glow up in this movie is real. 

Hathaway plays a young woman named Andy who just wants to be a serious writer for a publication like The New York Times (hmmmm just like Kate Hudson's character...). And the only job the she can find is a job as a junior assistant for a magazine like Vogue named Runway. At first, Andy dreads her job and feels like an outcast. She's even made fun of by the executive assistant (played by Emily Blunt) and insulted by the editor-in-chief (played by Meryl Streep). 

This happens until her coworker (played by Stanley Tucci) comes and changes her look like her fairy godfather. This also changes are attitude about her job and she starts to enjoy it a lot (almost to the point where it consumes her). Her boyfriend and friends don't like the "new" Andy and she has to deal with the consequences and sacrifices to be top-notched at Runway.

These aren't the only movies I've watched but they're the ones that have had the most impact on my life. I didn't really notice the theme of these movies until writing this, but I guess you can say I'm a sucker for "believing in yourself" and "following your dreams" type movies. These movies helped make me the person I am today. They showed me "quiet" resiliency, to fight for the things and people you love. That sometimes the sacrifices you've made will push you toward your goal/the bigger picture.