Pitch Perfect 2 Review

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Hi everyone, here’s the review you’ve all been waiting for!!!! (insert cheers here) Before we start, if you haven’t watched the first Pitch Perfect you DEFINITELY should, enough said. So stop what you’re doing, watch the movie..either buy it on Amazon or try and find it on OnDemand, then come back and read this post. 

And if you haven’t watched the second one, don’t worry I’ll try not to talk spoilers..I’ll be mostly using the concept from the trailers but if you haven’t seen the trailers either…SORRY IN ADVANCE (please forgive me).

So it’s been 2-3 years since we’ve seen the Barden Bellas (the all-female acapella group at Barden University) become the champions of the national acapella competition. This time the girls come back bigger than ever, starting off with a performance at the White House in front of the President and First Lady for his birthday. The girls are doing a great job singing and even added some props to go along with their performance. Everything goes great until Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson) does some kind of silk rope acrobatic routine and gets tangled and rips her pants while hanging upside down, flashing her lady parts in front of everyone. Skipping ahead, the Barden Bellas have to discuss the future of the acapella group to the officiators/announcers of the acapella association, due to the incident at the White House; which to their dismay the girls find out they’re getting suspending (like indefinitely). Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) then comes up with an idea to perform at Worlds (or whatever it’s called), the international acapella competition and win, that way they could be reinstated. Even though everyone thinks her idea is crazy except for the Bellas, they go for it anyway and have a lot of tough competition ahead, including the Germans, who are international winners for like the last 3 or so years…

The movie is definitely good, especially to watch with your girls (and guys) and sing along and have fun. At times, I did find that the jokes were a little too dark for me (on the same radar as Seth MacFarlane ), I mean I chuckled and laughed but I did find them to be a little offensive (that’s just me though…). And with some of the jokes, I felt like they were trying too hard…to make it funny like the first one. Other than that, this movie exerts GIRL POWER, and it shows that even though college is a temporary thing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still have the same friends that you have now later on as you go forward into the adult world. I think Elizabeth Banks did a great job directing, I thought that the shots and angles were really cool. The arrangements of songs were freaking aca-amazing, the singers were fantastic and Pentatonix was mother-f***ing aca- awesome. Also let me just mention that the Green Bay Packers are in it too, and they’re not bad at singing either. :)

So I rate this movie a 3.8/3.9 out of 5. If you enjoyed the first Pitch Perfect, then you’ll love the second one. I might even go back and see it a second time myself.