Tomme-Fym | Fashion Thursdays


Tomme-fym is short for tomboy fem or feminine tomboy. I had an idea of what I wanted to look like but I'm not entirely sure if it was executed the way I intended it to. Either way, let's get into it.

On this day, I was grabbing some lunch with a new friend and I wanted to look a little more "dressed up". I already knew what pants and shoes I was going to wear but I just had to figure out my top. My shirt is made of a thin silky material and it wasn't too bad for a hot day. The sun was blazing on me, especially when I sat on the rocks nearby. I put my beanie, cap, and glasses on after my lunch because I didn't want to look so "over the top" in front of them. But TBH, I probably would wear the whole shebang in front of my friends. I'm a little self-conscious about my arms in some of the pictures (like the one above), but hey what can you do? #FatGirlProblems. I wouldn't say this is a feminine tomboy look, completely, but I like to take certain "masculine" or unisex elements and add them to my outfit of the day...

Pictures were shot in front of a local mall, so I got all different types of looks thrown my way.

Leggings-Macy's (Tess Holliday collection)
Shoes-Journey's (Vans)
Beanie-Wet Seal
Baseball cap-Target
Earrings-Borrowed from my mom
Gray bracelet-Amazon (Fitbit)
Sunglasses-Hot Topic

Nicole Eggleston