My Favorite Accessories | Spring/Summer 2017

Hey there! This is my first fashion post! Woohoo!
If these pictures look familiar to you that's because I took them from my IG account (and it's broadcasted on my homepage lol). These are just some accessories that I've bought and worn throughout the spring semester on campus and/or the summer. If I really like something, I'll use it a bajillion times to get my money's worth. Anyway, hope you enjoy the read!

This is me barefaced, choker, beanie and all. I love this picture of me. I was trying to find my "right" angle. Anyway, I believe this was the first time I wore this choker and beanie from Wet Seal. They were having a major closing sale and I just splurged. If you saw me on campus, I was wearing this stuff 24/7. The top is from Avenue.

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These round black glasses are from Wet Seal as well, but I actually got these last year some time in the fall. I usually keep these in my car so that they don't break in my purse. My friend loved them so much, he tried to steal them.

I think of my hair as an accessory. As the weather was starting to warm up, I like to leave my hair in its natural state. I feel hella confident and my friends were getting "jealous" of my wash-and-go.

Here's another pic of that beanie and choker combo. The beanie has "authentic" stitched on it. But want I really want to talk about here is the stuff on my lips. It's Kylie's Matte Liquid Lipstick in Leo and I just so happened to have a bodysuit in the same color. The bodysuit is from Macy's. I felt super sexy that day, and I was on campus! I usually try to cover up but I have some big boobs, so I felt like everyone was staring but in a good way. My friend was "proud" of me that day lol. 

This necklace. It was a Christmas gift from my ex. TBH, it was probably one of the best gifts he ever gave me. I don't wear it anymore, but that's because it started changing colors. The necklace was a little globe of moss with tree bark and a fox charm. This necklace screamed me and I was in love. But like all things, this died too. I'll probably burn/replace it and buy me another one. My ex got it off of Etsy.

Nicole Eggleston