My Interview with ORNGCHNL Photography | Brandon Price

Hey guys, so recently, I sent my friend, Brandon Price, a photographer a few questions about his life and profession. He’s a really talented photographer with a great eye/perspective on what he shoots. Here’s the piece below…

Nicki: “So I just wanna get some basic info from you, like age, where were you born & raised, and what is your occupation as of now?”

BP: “I’m Brandon, a 23-year-old photographer from Baltimore, MD born in Edmondson Village and raised in Baltimore County. As of right now, photography is my day-to-day occupation whether its for the sake of art or photographing professionally.”

Nicki: “Where did you attend high school/college (if you went to another college besides CCBC or planning to)?”

BP: “I went to Western High School for Technology and Environmental Science and my field of study was Automotive Repair and Technology. During my Senior year, I began taking college courses at the Community College of Baltimore County as a Parallel Enrollment Student. After graduating high school in 2010, I immediately changed my focus to being a Music major to receive a degree in Music Production and Audio Engineering in 2013.”

Nicki: “What are your hobbies?”

BP: “My hobbies are pretty basic lol I love to go for walks in nice weather like when there's a small breeze and a few clouds, go to Barnes & Noble and read up on my favorite magazines and produce music and of course try different photo ideas I dream about.”

Nicki: “What made you become a photographer?”

BP: “I was inspired by America’s Next Top Model to get into photography because I always thought the shoots that they did were amazing and super artistic in the later cycles. While doing music, I think it was during cycle 20 or 21, it was when they introduced the girls vs guys and the model Chantel she captivated me and her photos were the best over all the others I’ve seen from the show and it was after seeing her photos that I was set on shooting photos as beautiful and more beautiful as hers. Now Im just surrounded by photographers and videographers so staying within an artistic community also plays a huge role as to why I took up photography.”

Nicki: “Do you remember what’s the first photo you ever”

BP: “The first photo I ever took…it was a photo of my friend Big Mike (@mikejon_) and we were in his room trying to figure out the settings and everything and it was of him and his lamp.”

brandon's first pic.jpg

Nicki: “How would you describe your photography’s aesthetic/style?”

BP: “I’d say its very minimal. I don’t like capturing too much noise in an image because I don’t want the beauty of the subject being ignored at all. It is however very versatile and changes a lot. My style has levels and after looking at my work, you could definitely see what I mean.”

Nicki: “Last question(s): If you weren’t doing photography what else would you be doing? Hobby wise? Career wise?”

BP: “If I wasn’t doing photography I would be doing Music, but to be honest, I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than photography for the rest of my life now.”

So there you have it guys, I’m putting his links down below so y’all can check him out. Please please please, look at his photography because it’s definitely unique (plus he did a series inspired by Andy Warhol I believe).

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Brandon’s Website links:

twitter - @orngchnl

Instagram - @orngchnlphotography

Facebook - @orngchnlphotography

Tumblr - @orngchnlphotography

Nicole Eggleston